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Officer Makes 4 Year Old’s Day

Photo by Gina Johnson

Four year old William Johnson-Kellam had a craving for ice cream from the truck one day recently. He had no money, so mom Rebecca Johnson-Kellam came up with the idea for William to sell lemonade for 25 cents on Forest St.

As it turned out William received a gift better than ice cream. Officer Matthew Sulek saw the boy and stopped by.

Not only did he buy lemonade, but he let William go in his car and turn out the lights.

“He was really great. William is obsessed with policemen,” said Rebecca Johnson-Kellam. “William talked about it for days.”

Officer Sulek said he saw a post on Facebook from another officer who posted a picture of the boy and that is how he found him.

“He wanted to give police officers lemonade on a hot day so I went by. I let him play in the car,” said Off. Sulek. “There is ways of being a cop and ways of being a police officer. This is how to be a police officer.”

Sulek said he likes interacting with the community.

“Officer Sulek is not only a very skilled officer in keeping the city safe, but he understands how important it is to connect with the community we serve,” said Police Chief James Wardwell. “You may have seen some of Officer Sulek’s videos from last year that went viral. He was our own dancing cop that delighted so many here in our downtown area as he broke into some of his moves at community events.”