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Family Fun – Wind Catcher


I have been watching the wind blowing the flags across the street from the store and the leaves on the trees whipping back and forth. Today’s activity will take advantage of not only a gusting wind but also look beautiful with a gentle breeze. If you add a few jingle bells you will also enjoy a little song!


Embroidery hoop – these can be taken apart so that you actually get 2 hoops if you like. Leaving them as is will result in a stronger mobile if you are using the wood hoops.

An assortment of ribbons

An assortment of beads and bells



How to:

I cut the ribbon into lengths of 24 to 48 inches. I didn’t want to have them all the same with an even edge so I just snipped where I liked.

Next just tie the ribbon around the hoop with a simple loop knot. I folded the ribbon in half and pulled the ribbon through the loop around the hoop. Some ribbons were more slippery than others so I did add a dot of glue under the knot to help hold it tight. Now just continue around til the hoop is filled.

I also chose to add beads to mine on a ribbon just to add a bit more colors. Adding a jingle bell will give you sound effects as well.

A couple of ribbons at the top should be used to hang your mobile.


Imagine this hanging in the back yard on a hula hoop!

This could also be done over a curtain rod in a bedroom and instead of a circle it’s a straight line but very colorful over the window. A breeze will move the ribbons.

This would be beautiful in a baby’s room!