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Family Fun – Shells


Bliss!! Sunshine and warm weather! The birds are singing the flowers are blooming and people are sneezing. Ah, Spring! Welcome!

The warm sunshine brings me thoughts of things to do outside. We love hiking in the forests and watching the plants bloom and unfurl their tender leaves. The bugs are starting to fly around your head in the swampy areas. We enjoy getting out the bikes and stretching winter leg muscles. The end of the month is near so picnics and hot dogs are on featured on invitations. It’s time to book vacation destinations and think about the beach!

We have tons of shells and driftwood here at the shop so with thoughts of warm sunshine and boats in the water it’s time to make a shell and driftwood wind chime.

Materials to collect:

Driftwood or a branch from the yard, jewelry wire, twine, fishing line whatever you choose to use for stringing.

An assortment of shells, beads, rocks


Old towel

Glue gun or Super Glue

How to:

I cut 2 long pieces of twine and tied them around the driftwood and then tied them in a knot and a bow at the top.

Wire was my choice for stringing my shells and jewels.

Drill small holes in any shells selected. Since they are sometimes fragile I supported them while I was drilling on an old towel.

Thread the shells and beads on the wire going through each hole twice to keep your shell where you want it.

String as many shells as you like on each wire.

Use an odd number of strings.

When you are satisfied with the number of shells and strings it’s time to add the embellishments.

When I walk on the beach I pick up skate eggs, small bits of wood and I have a ready stock of moonstones. Arrange these to suit on top of your branch.

You can find these materials and many others here at Scraptivity. 1020 Farmington Ave Berlin, CT 860-828-1311

See you next week!