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Editor’s Note 4/22/2016

This week all the good Spring events begin.

Thursday night is the opening of the Bees. This has been long awaited. Baseball symbolizes spring and summer. A new era this year holds a lot of promise. I expect numerous sell-outs this year.

On Sunday is the Little Poland Festival. This has become the quintessential Little Poland event. It has grown so big. There is no telling how many people will actually show up.

Don’t miss the list of events on page 9.

Next week we vote on candidates for president. It will be interesting to see who New Britain chooses in each of the two primaries. I’m not telling who I am voting for in the Democratic primary. Good luck guessing.

Not a lot of people showed up to the budget meeting Tuesday night. A lot of people in our Facebook group were upset about the budget increase. Where were they?

If you want change you need to get up and voice your opinion. Councilmen try to do what residents want. If you want lower taxes then tell them. If you want more funds for education then tell them.

I’m really on the fence. I want lower taxes, but I do want more money for education. I know we can’t have it both ways.

The final decision is really up to residents. The budget process is not over until June.

Believe it or not the mill rate could increase by even more than the proposed one and half mill because of the State’s budget.

Unless you make your voice heard, Councilmen believe you are happy with what is happening. This is not national politics. It is local. Opinions do matter.

Do you have children? Are you looking for things to do? I hope our Top 10 this week helps. There are a lot of good events happening here. I hope you participate in all 10. I don’t recall so many different kind of activities around the City as a child. It seems new events crop up each year. I was happy just playing with the other kids in my neighborhood. Kickball was huge for me as well as wiffle ball. Of course, fireworks has always been a big deal. Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I still love it today, but my dog hates it.

Found a funny joke on Facebook this week.

“The first five days after the weekend are the hardest.”

Ha-ha. We need longer weekends and less weekdays.

Until next week, enjoy your weekend and keep reading New Britain’s Number 1 Most Trusted Newspaper!