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Residents Have Many Appetites for Food Trucks

NB central park monument

Six food trucks are expected to come to Central Park in the next month as the park opens after renovations.

What exactly will those food trucks bring?

Members of the New Britain City Journal Facebook Group answered the question, “What type of food trucks would you like to see downtown?” with many great ideas.

Tay Pérez Sierra – “Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Greek, Jamaican, Polish and Puerto Rican!”

Scott Clark – “Maybe include hot dogs. Maybe even a dessert truck like cupcakes.”

Sheri Pike Kalber Amato – “NORA cupcakes and baked potatoes”

Kimberly Tinder – “Mexican or Caribbean.”

Steven Wineglass – “Philly Cheesesteaks”

Kevin P Desjardins – “Puerto Rican and BBQ”

Kati Mercier – “The Whey Station! It’s a local grilled cheese truck.”

Todd Davis Cheney – “Definitely need some grilled cheeses, an authentic taco truck would be awesome as well. There was also an awesome baked potato truck at (I believe) the last Oktoberfest.”

Rodney Baker – “Bear’s BBQ.”

Cmsr Jessy Matthews – “Some Italian food”

Candi Blackflame – “Middle Eastern, or a falafel truck.”

Marion Pruzan Fischbein – Salads, fruit, fresh food

Mark Zenobi – “BBQ, Sushi, Grilled Cheese, Waffle truck.”

Nancy Morales Olson – “Grilled cheese specialty truck would be cool.”

Gayle Sanders Connolly – “Would love the grilled cheese one, but not all the time.”

Ann Obscurity – “Thai food.”

Marcia Pucinski Janusz – “The Polish truck with the fried pierogi that was at Oktoberfest!”

Sue Fahey – “Have the trucks sell food that is not in the area and try to get them to go to the summer concerts at Walnut Hill as well.”

John Kawecki – “Cupcakes, deserts, ice cream, popcorn, apple fritters and waffles.”

Petey Man – “Pit beef truck! I think it is a positive step for the city.”

Linda Sovak – “A vegan truck would be great.”

Jennifer Kask – “A truck that offers different types of salads, but then soups and sandwiches (or grinders) in the winter.”

Richard Crockett II – “Southern style barbecue and soul food.”

Ric Tomcic – “Fried Twinkies, Oreos all that good stuff.”

Isiah Johnson – “I go with the Southern style barbecue. It’s the best!!”

Carmelo Rodriguez – “Looking forward to some real tacos and tortillas.”

Enidza Torres – “Let’s see some Asian flare! Maybe a new take on some of our favorite comfort foods like mac and cheese.”

Sal Germano – “Latin, Greek, Mediterranean Cuisine and maybe some Southern soul food.”

Joan Leone – “Hopefully it will be something other than Pizza and Chinese – downtown is well represented in those foods.”

Sue Ann Malenfant-Carver – Jamaican – wings and Jamaican patties, coco bread.”

Ramona Kubilius Anderson – “Grilled cheese, for sure. Definitely southern BBQ. I’d also like to see a good seafood truck.”

Alison West – “Cupcakes.”

Robin Washburn – “I want real paella with chicken like we used to get at the St. Mary’s booth at Main St. USA.”