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Editor’s Note 4/1/2016

I’m so excited that Central Park will be opening up and new things are going there. I am still concerned that it takes time to change. I can’t see a huge change coming to downtown quickly.

There are a few buildings downtown that need to be purchased. It bothers me to see two big fairly empty buildings on Main St. The City can’t do much about them, but developers need to come forward with plans.

Soon we shall hear what ideas may come to the old police station property. That really could be a beginning to bringing life downtown.

The new pizza place is great to have in the Andrews Building. I hope it sticks around. That property seems to be a difficult one.

Everyone seems to be talking about the budget. That includes the State budget and the City budget. I don’t believe we will see a huge tax increase. I would doubt seeing more than a one mill increase. We may still have no increase. A lot needs to be decided before we can be sure.

Hartford is in worse shape than New Britain. Most of their problems stem from building a stadium for the Yard Goats. It was a bad decision by Hartford and they are paying for it.

Meanwhile, the Bees are moving along wonderfully. I am so excited about opening night. It will be a lot of fun.

Our Networking group is sponsoring a Game Night on April 28. I hope a lot of people join up. We are going to play Pie Face. It costs $10 to play. See ad in this newspaper. Also, any business wishing to join should call us. We plan to do a lot to get the word out. This is the business network you must join. Only one of each type of business is allowed so get in fast.

On page one we have an interesting story about a resident who is hoping to help others save their jobs. It is a battle we will keep you updated on. I expect to see national publicity on this topic.

Time for my Joke from Facebook.

A woman came home running into her house all excited. She said to her husband, “Honey pack your bags I won the lottery”. The husband says, “Oh my God. What should I pack beach stuff or mountain stuff?” The wife says. “It doesn’t matter. Just get the heck out.”

I guess that marriage isn’t going to last.

Until next week, beware of winning the lottery and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!