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Residents Plan to See More Bees Games This Year


In the latest Facebook group poll most residents say they will attend more games at New Britain Stadium to see the Bees than they did last year to see the Rock Catsl.

The question posed to residents was “ How many Bees games do you plan on going to this year? Is it more or less than previous years? And why?”

A few residents said they were ticket season holders last year and plan to be season ticket holders this year. Many said they did not attend many if any last year, but plan to go this year.

“Usually made half to a dozen each year, but lost interest in the Rock Cats last year. I follow the AA Orioles so would go especially when they were in town,” said Steve Fentner. “‘I’ll be at quite a few games this year. GO BEES!!!”

“More. Didn’t attend one last year and very few the year before because we could ‘feel’ something was going on,” said Peggy Coppe Porter.

“As many as I can,” said Former Mayor Timothy Stewart. “Never bought a season ticket until this year. Come out and lets make sure they are successful in NB!”

“Hopefully more,” said Geri O’Keefe-Curtis. “Excited about a new team in New Britain and want to show them they are welcome here.”

“Last year I went to ZERO, so I’ll beat that on opening day.” said Alderman Jamie Giantonio. “I hope to make it to at least 8-10 games to support NB’s Team!”

“Been years since I’ve been to a Rock Cats game, but I’ll try and make it to 5 or 6 Bees games this season to support the new organization,” said Todd Davis Cheney.

“The last game I attended at the Stadium was the day of the Rock Cats announcing the move,” said Scott Markiewicz. “Before that, for the last few years I went to one or two a month. Not as many as when I was a kid. With the Bees here now, I hope to go as often as I can.”

“More,” said Robin Washburn. “New team. Over the past 2 years I went to one game which was the very last one.”

“I will attend more games because New Britain is now a winning city,” said Richard Reyes. “We should all support the Bees just to get back at Hartford for what they did to New Britain fans.”

“Last year not one single game refused to give a penny to you know who,” said Alderman Daniel Salerno. “This year at least five to ten depending on available time.”

“Try to make as many as possible,” said Mark Zenobi.

Some said they would attend at least as many as last year. One said he would attend zero games. Others said they hope to be working for the new team.

“Ill be at every game being the cook and all making it my 23rd year in the building thank you Mayor (Erin) Stewart for making this happen,” said Brenda Plourde. “Go Bees!”

“More, and I also went to the job fair on Saturday, so I could be working there this season,” said Keith Lagasse.

Some people spoke about a possibly rivalry between New Britain and Bridgeport as they are an hour apart and are in the same league.

The New Britain Bees are a member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and will open their inaugural season at New Britain Stadium on April 21 against the York Revolution. For further information email, call 860-826-BEES (2337), or visit