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Family Fun – Snowflake


Winter has finally arrived! Snow pants and boots and mittens and hot chocolate! When the kids have had enough outside and are looking for something fun and warm to do, this might just be it!

Make your own snowflake! This super easy, peaceful craft is super satisfying when you see it complete and hanging in the sunshine.


A nice variety of beads

Pipe cleaners


Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist them together to form the star shape.

Add beads – choice is to add them randomly or as we did in a pattern.

We used lots of sparkly clear beads because they made us think of the ice!

When you have finished beading the legs of the star curl the end of the pipe cleaner into a teardrop shape to help hold the beads on. Or you may choose to add a drop of glue to the last beads.

Attach string and hang in the window! Beautiful!