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Pigskin Predictions


Football is finally over. The Denver Broncos are the Superbowl winners.

I am surprised, yet not surprised. I did think Carolina was the better team. However, Denver beat New England twice in one season which is rare.

Peyton Manning should retire, but I think it depends on how he feels he cam throw come July. I don’t think he will rush a decision.

Cam Newton has a lot of chances for a Superbowl. He did not play well. Carolina had not faced a team as good as Denver all season. Newton will be back.

I finished my season picks at 172-80 which is average for me.

I’m already looking forward to next year. As early as it is, I pick New England and Seattle in a rematch of Superbowl 49 in Superbowl 51. I may change my mind 10 times before the season starts.

The AFC team to watch next year may be the New York Jets. I think they will give New England a run for the division. If Tom Brady falters or starts to show his age, Jets fans may get the season they have been waiting for.

In the NFC, I’m expecting big things from Minnesota. They will just keep getting better.

So that makes my long-shot Superbowl prediction for next year to be the Jets and Vikings. Now, that would be something.

My Final 2016 Top 5 Rankings (drum roll please)

  1. Denver
  2. Carolina
  3. New England
  4. Arizona
  5. Seattle