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Family Fun – Valentine’s Day!


There are so many fun crafts and projects to say I love you that it was hard to pick just one for this week!

Let’s start with a fun and easy one.

I love you to pieces!


Sturdy paper or cardstock

Puzzle pieces


Paint & brushes

Draw a heart shape on your paper. Paint your puzzle pieces and outline the drawing with randomly placed puzzle pieces. Glue in place once you are happy with the arrangement. Personalize your card! Love you to pieces!


If you don’t have an incomplete puzzle at the house another way to do this is with red and white tissue paper. Draw your heart outline on your paper and have your child tear up pieces of red and white/pink tissue paper and glue inside the heart shape.

Variation 2

Cut a cardboard heart shape and paint and glue your puzzle pieces on. This will now form a frame. A special photo can be taped to the middle.