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Editor’s Note 2/16/2016

Be careful driving through the City. This week, the railroad tracks between Amato’s Toys and CTFastrak, gave me a flat tire. It is always not properly fitted and rises up. Be careful. I may soon be calling the railway advising them to fix it. It could be dangerous. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. The man from AAA service, said it is common for cars to get a flat from those tracks. Drive around it if you can. It happened to me at night so I could not see the tracks sticking up.

This week we are bringing you a special Top 10 Places in New Britain/Berlin to Eat. We hope to bring you more top 10’s each month. We will focus on different topics, restaurants and events in our City.

In the future the choices will be picked by our Facebook group members. So if you own a business or want to voice your opinion, you need to join now. It is group “The New Britain City Journal”. There is a lot of other important information on that page as well.

How did you all feel about the Superbowl? I thought the game itself was boring. Maybe it was because the Patriots were not in it. I was glad for Peyton Manning even though he did not play a great game.

There is a lot of talk about Cam Newton being a bad sport. I say ‘give the guy a break’. It was hard for him. It’s hard for me when my team loses. I can’t imagine how upset he must be. Sometimes we expect too much from players. They are only human. I bet more than half of us would have reacted the way he did. He is a great player who loves the game.

In 7 days catchers and pitchers report. I am certainly ready for baseball. Go Yankees!

Did you see The Connecticut United Football Club is coming to New Britain? It is soccer. It is a developmental league that will give residents another option for activities on the City. I love to see New Britain flourish.

I heard a couple of cute jokes on Facebook this week. Here goes.

“The reason life isn’t always easy or go smoothly is because if it was, there would be no songs to listen to.”


“We used to be hippies. Now, we’re just hippy.”

Hippies were before my time. I always just considered myself hip.

Until next week just be happy and keep reading New Britain’s #1 Most Trusted Newspaper!