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Family Fun: Ice Lanterns!

Photo credit Practically
Photo credit Practically

Now that we finally have some cold and snow let’s play with it! These beautiful ice lanterns are easier to make than the directions indicate.

All you need is:

2 containers – one larger than the other. They will nest inside each other with room for about an inch of water between them.


Rocks to hold the inner container down

Tape to hold the inner container in place

Small branches, berries, colorful fruit or other small items to decorate

Battery powered tea lights or candles

How to:

Place your containers together. Add one rock to the bottom of the larger container to create a floor for your tea light. Fill the smaller one with rocks to hold it down. Use tape on all four corners to hold in place. Fill with water. Add your decorations to the water spacing them nicely.

Set outside overnight.

When you are ready you will thaw the containers just enough to slide them off the ice.

Pop in your tea light and enjoy either inside or out!