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Pigskin Predictions


I went 4-0 in last week’s playoff games putting me at 167-78 for the year.

This week’s picks seems much more difficult.

Of course, I am picking the Patriots. But, it really depends on which team shows up. The team that played the last 6 weeks can definitely be beat.

Kansas City 24, New England 27 – Julian Edelman needs to play well. This game should be very close heading into the fourth quarter. If the Patriots are going to win they need to have a good lead at this point.

Green Bay 20, Arizona 31 – The Packers played extremely well last week, but the Cardinals defense is a different animal. I expect the Packers to fall. Maybe, the score will be even bigger for Arizona.

Seattle 21, Carolina 23 – The best game of the divisional playoffs. It is possible Seattle wins this game. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are the keys to this game. Which quarterback will perform better under pressure.

Pittsburgh 27, Denver 28 – I’m not really sure how Denver could be favored by more than 1 point in this game. I believe Peyton Manning will find a way for Denver to win. However, you can’t ever rule out Pittsburgh.

There are no guarantees in any of these games. The only game I feel confident in is Arizona. The other three are really toss-ups.

Top 5 Rankings

  1. Carolina
  2. Arizona
  3. Denver
  4. New England
  5. Seattle/Pittsburgh