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Editor’s Note 1/15/2016

As we do the paper this week it dawned on me we are beginning the seventh year of producing The New Britain City Journal. I remember when we began. Many people told me we wouldn’t make it six months.

The joke’s on them as we are still here. It’s been an eventful six years. I bet the next six will be as exciting.

We plan to continue to bring you the real stories of the City. We may not always be the first to report them, but they will be honest and truthful. We will not be using fake names or writing them to please advertisers. They will be stories on our City.

The future of New Britain and our paper looks bright. I hope you continue to read our paper as circulation in New Britain is, I believe, the highest of any paper in the City.

I hope to see that continue to grow. We plan on keeping the paper free so everyone can read it. In this economy, there isn’t much out there for free. I’m glad we can be there for you. And don’t forget to advertise with us. It keeps the paper free and our prices are lower than our competitors.

Do a friend a favor this week. Pick up an extra copy of the paper and give them one. They will appreciate it.

This week the paper is filled with good news as our bond rating was increased and our fiscal surplus is growing. Like most of us out there, I hope that means our taxes will not grow this year.

Superintendent Kelt Cooper’s final day was Friday. I hope New Britain finds a great new superintendent. We need someone strong yet someone kids can relate to. I think there are a few people who plan to apply that are from New Britain and might fit the bill. We will find out shortly.

If you missed the SolarCity seminar I wanted you to know there will be more. We are planning one at the New Britain YMCA in February and will have another one for Polish speakers in the Spring. You can always call 860-357-1091 and get an appointment to talk about it. You do not need to come to a seminar. Just make a quick call. I don’t bite. I promise.

This week’s Facebook joke is kind of a cute one.

“What did the mama cow say to the baby cow?

It’s pasture bedtime.”

It is corny, but I like it.

Until next week, don’t stay up pasture bedtime, but keep reading YOUR Number 1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!