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Everything You Should Know About Snow

The City has released a snow brochure in order to help residents understand what they need to do as well as City procedures before, during and after a snow storm.

“It has a lot of informative tips,” said Mayor Erin Stewart. “The City of New Haven does something like this and I saw it last year and really wanted to do it.”

Stewart said there are a lot of basic questions. For example, she issues a parking ban if there is a sizeable amount of snow usually if there are over three inches of snow.

“It tells you what are the homeowners responsibilities,” said Mayor Stewart. “There are a lot of tips too such as when shoveling, shovel to the right so the plows won’t plow it back into your driveway.”

Soon a RASPRAC software will be in place. It will outfit all the plows with a GPS. Right now they are beta testing the devices. It will tell residents where the plows have been so they can see if their street has been plowed. Its the same system used in New York City.

Most questions from residents in the City involve snow. Residents are urged to read the brochure (below) before calling the City.


• Remove your car from the street: it makes clearing the roadway more efficient for plow truck drivers

• Department of Public Works crews ready their equipment

• DPW crews apply brown granules to surfaces to prevent icy conditions

• Parking ban may be issued – so be prepared!


• DPW crews work to keep a travel lane passable

• We focus on major roads, posted snow routes, and areas around emergency centers

• If a parking ban has been issued, a ticketing and towing operation begins

• Our drivers are directed to minimize snow placed on previously cleaned sidewalks and driveways, but often it is unavoidable


• Crews continue to plow snow, often up to 10 hours after the snow has finished

• Property owners must clear sidewalks

• Dig out your snow bank to make room for trash and recycling cans


• Parking bans are issued by the Mayor and enforced by the New Britain Police Department when a sizeable amount of snow is forecasted

• Look for notices at, on Twitter (@CoNBCT), Facebook (NewBritainCT), or on your local TV news station

• Vehicles in violation of the ban are subject to a $100 parking ticket and will be towed at the owner’s expense

• The ban stays in effect until the Mayor determines it should be lifted


• Free parking is available at Osgood Park, Stanley Golf Course, Quonset hut parking lot at 655 Slater Road, the parking lot at the corner of Wildwood and Linden Streets, Washington Park (opposite Gold Street), Martha Hart Park, the Badolato parking garage, and the Szczesny garage


Contact the NBPD Traffic Division at 860-826-3070 or 860-826-3071


• It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove snow or ice within six hours of daylight following a storm

• Throwing snow into the street is against city ordinances

• Shovel snow to the right to avoid having snow pushed back on your property by plows

• If the sidewalk is icy, consider sprinkling sand, salt, or other gritty material

• Free treated sand is available to New Britain residents in the parking area on Eastwick Court; parking lot at the corner of Linden and Wildwood Streets; Martha Hart Park; Osgood Park; Rocky Hill Avenue (Northeast corner of Ellis St.); A.W. Stanley Parking lot (opposite Huber St.); Washington Park (parking lot opposite Gold St.); Willow Brook Park (parking area at Veteran’s Stadium); and on the island on Eddy Glover Boulevard near McClintock Street

• Not clearing your sidewalk carries a fine of $50 a day. If the sidewalk conditions are not fixed within one day of receiving a ticket, the City will lien the property and charge the owner with the cost of clean up


• The New Britain Fire Department kindly asks that you clear three feet around a fire hydrant if you have one near your property in case of an emergency.