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Editor’s Note 12/18/2015

Christmas is just a week away. I think the month before the holiday goes by the fastest of any month all year. July goes by quick as well. January and February move like snails.

I dislike those two months the most. So cold and dark. Uggh!

We can’t complain about the weather so far, but the cold is coming. I like snow on Christmas. After that, not so much.

I don’t want to think past New Year’s Eve yet. Too much to do.

What did you think of our 2015 Person of the Year? I think what George Springer has done is inspirational for our youth. Regardless of what you want to be and do, it is possible. Never give up your dreams.

What makes it even better is all he has done for those that stutter. He uses his stardom to help people. That is how it should be done. All that know him call him a good kid. He sure seems like a great role model. If you are looking for someone to idolize, he is a good choice.

I congratulate George Springer for all he has done on and off the field. He makes New Britain proud.

Who knows who the next amazing New Britain resident will be.

I am so honored to present this award each year to a great City individual. Last year Mayor Erin Stewart received the award for all she has done for this City.

I can’t wait to see who wins in 2016.

Every year we run holiday or new year wishes from City officials and leaders. This year I have some from the Facebook group on page 2. It’s too easy to wish for World Peace, but I think I want to less violence this year. This past year was difficult. I wish the world was more safe. It has become too scary. Churches to schools to concerts, restaurants and the workplace can be unsafe. Nowhere is off limits. I hope 2016 is a much calmer year.

My wish for the City is that more businesses call New Britain home. This City is on the verge of big things happening.

There is still a few days to get your name on an ornament. Monday will be the last day we accept them.

Time for my Facebook joke. I found this on an Italian page.

“Why don’t Italians like Jehovah Witnesses? Because Italians don’t like any witnesses.”

Until next week, don’t be a witness and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!