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Editor’s Note 12/11/2015

I had the chance to see the Madrigals perform at the Lion’s Club this week. If you get the chance to see them you will not be disappointed. They are marvelous. See page 1 for where to see them perform. Make it a special night you won’t forget.

Did you all attend the tree lighting ceremony last week? It was better than ever. The tree was gorgeous. It looked so real that I had to touch it. The crowd was very large even though it was near the police station.

We started our ornaments in the paper for Christmas. If you want your name or business on an ornament in the paper, send a check to New Britain City Journal. More information is in the paper so look for the ad. I’ve had a few so far. It is a fun tradition and is only $10 per ornament.

This time of year is so difficult. It seems like there is plenty of time until Dec. 25, but there is so much to do. Get your shopping done early so you can enjoy the holidays and don’t forget to shop local. The malls are crazy. I plan on hitting a mall once this season, but I am fearful of it as well. It’s just so chaotic.

Last weekend I went to Lake Compounce. I hadn’t been there in many years. The lights are amazing. If you have not been, I recommend it. Be prepared to walk. It is a nice holiday event for the entire family and not too expensive.

I want to wish a Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate it. It is truly a great holiday.

Phase three of streetscape is finishing. I am anxious to see if it will really change Central Park. The next phases should begin next Spring. I can’t wait for the bridge renovations, That looks like it will be lots of fun. It will certainly make people talk about New Britain.

Are you ready for my joke from Facebook? I thought about saving this until January, but I can’t wait that long.

“Diet Day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious.”

I found one more good one, but not everyone seems to get this one.

“If your eyes hurt when you drink coffee, remove the spoon from your cup.”

I have a weird sense of humor. Those two just made me giggle.

Until next week be careful how you drink your coffee and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!