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What’s in Your Account?

A very handy feature in our library catalog is “My Account”. If you haven’t used it yet, we have one more reason why you might want to, as we try to make life easier for you.

Logging in to your account is simple. From our web page (, click on “My Account” in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to the Login page. Enter your last name and your library card number, as found on the back of your library card. This will take you to the catalog. Click on your name in the upper right – and you’re in!

You will be able to see what you have checked out on your library card, along with their due dates. If their return date is approaching and you would like to keep them longer, you can renew titles here. Items can be renewed twice, as long as no one else is waiting for them. Not only can you see if you have any fines here, you can pay them using a credit card, if the minimum payment is more than $1. You can also see what you have placed on hold and if anything is waiting for you. And if you did place something on hold but might not be here when it arrives, you can freeze your hold. This comes in handy when you are going on vacation. When you return, you unfreeze it to ensure that you don’t miss it. You can see any lists of items of interest that you made while in the library catalog. Your reading history can be available too, if you decide to activate this feature. It will display all that you have read.

A new feature was just added – the ability to be notified by text messaging if an item that you puton hold has arrived. You can now be notified as soon as the title hits the hold shelf and is waiting for pickup. You can sign up for this service by going to edit account and sharing your cell phone number. No concerns – we will not share your cell phone number with anyone else.

As always, the librarians at the Information Desk are ready and waiting for any questions or guidance that you might need.