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Editor’s Note 11/13/2015

The Inauguration was very exciting this year. I had never experienced one outside. I was ready for a parade to come by. It was special.

Congratulations to all those who took an oath of office. I wish you the best.

Please make us proud.

I noticed something interesting. There seemed to be a little wink in the Mayor’s eyes when she mentioned Gov. John Meskill going from Mayor to Governor at the Inauguration. Did anyone else catch that?

Let’s hope the state does not take our Mayor away too quickly. There is a lot of work to be done here first. We have just started to make progress.

I also heard at the event that funds will be decided on the beehive bridge by the state next month. It is the Rte 72 overpass.  I love that project. It will help make New Britain look unique. When it is completed, I believe everyone will enjoy it.

The Veteran’s Day ceremony at Walnut Hill Park this year was very nice. About 100 people were there. Many were veterans and dignitaries.

I can’t understand why more people don’t attend Veteran’s Day Ceremonies. Many people have the day off. There are several events. At least one should be able to fit in your schedule. Veteran’s should always be appreciated.

Did you read the answers to our Facebook question on page 2? I try to ask New Britain related questions. This had some very personal answers. Join The New Britain City Journal Facebook group to get your opinions heard.

I have to remind you all about getting your solar panels at no cost. I can’t understand why everyone reading this does not call. This is not a scam. I used to pay $80 to $130 a month. I now pay about $65 a month. And it is capped. No more 30 percent increases.

Trust me. It is time. Call 860-357-1091 for a free, no obligation appointment. It will be the best thing you did all year. I will explain it to you in detail. And if you refer a friend and they go solar, you get $250. No cost panels end Dec. 31, 2016.

I found a joke on Facebook that I can relate to this week.

“I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle so I parked and walked into Dunkin Donuts rather than going through the drive-thru.”

Yeah, that sounds like something I would do. Although I would get splenda in my coffee if I were dieting. And I probably would avoid the donuts.

Until next week, walk a little bit more often and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!