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Board of Education President

When the Board of Education convenes Monday night, it will once again choose a new president among other positions.

For the first time in many years the Republican slate will have the ultimate power to choose the next president. Although the 10 board members are evenly split among party lines, a tie would leave it up to the Republican majority Common Council.

Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, a Democrat, has been a BOE member for 11 years and board president for 7 years.

Republicans Elaine Zottola and Nicholas Mercier are among the candidates who would make good board presidents.

The New Britain City Journal, however, recommends keeping Saavedra in the position because of her experience, knowledge and devotion.

No one has worked harder and more diligently than Saavedra. Whether or not you agree with her 100 percent of the time, her heart and goals are in the right place.

Saavedra has worked collaboratively with three Mayors, three Superintendents and has always taken a bipartisan approach.

She helped negotiate employee concessions during several very tough years. She is passionate about equity and equality issues pertaining to New Britain children. She brings her urban voice to the Capitol annually to advocate for our kids.

She also works well with Mayor Erin Stewart. Saavedra played an important role in the Blue Ribbon Committee. The two have proven they can work together to do what is best for New Britain students.

Besides those attributes Saavedra is a City native who has gone through our school system and graduated from New Britain High School. Her daughter will graduate from NBHS this year as well making it four generations of her family as graduates.

No other candidate on the board, at this time, has the skills, knowledge and desire that Saavedra brings to the table.

It doesn’t mean someone on the board right now won’t make an excellent board president one day. But, it takes a few years to learn and fully understand what is needed.