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This is the first time I have had a chance to write about the end of my Yankees season.

Overall, they played well until the last month. They fell apart so quickly. I knew trouble was coming when Nathan Eovaldi and Mark Teixeira were done for the season.

It was actually nice to see them lose in the one game playoff and not suffer through a longer series.

Alex Rodriguez seems to be too old to make it through a season. CC Sabathia’s alcohol problems could be the reason for his poor play. The team definitely had problems.

There still is some season left and I am rooting for the Cubs and the Royals. Anyone but the Blue Jays.

I’m also looking forward to next year. I would like to see room made for Greg Bird. Looking for a consistent second baseman needs to be a priority in the offseason. There also is never enough good pitching.

Still for a team predicted to finish last it was a good time. See you next year when we could go all the way!