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Ward Two – Elections 2015

Candidates were asked by the New Britain City Journal to submit a short bio and a short article on why residents should vote for them. This week are the ward candidates. Next week is aldermen at large candidates. All are in alphabetical order.

 Tonilynn Collins (D)

Education: Graduate of New Britain High School, Attended Greater Hartford Community College

Occupation: Acctg. Assistant, City of New Britain

Volunteer Involvement past and present: Special advocate for Children in Placement, Personal shopper for Warm the Children, participated in feeding the homeless, participated in providing essential items for victims of domestic violence.

Family is the most important thing to me and is the foundation of a successful society.

In order to improve the quality of life in New Britain we must continue to work towards an economically and socially healthy community.

My voting record reflects the following:

•   Strong supporter of quality education

•   Advocate for Economic Development/job creation

•   Advocate for a safer community

•   Advocate for Veteran and senior property tax relief

•   Voted against the 11% tax increase/attempted to offer an alternative method of increasing the City’s revenue.

•   We must continue identifying dilapidated buildings and possibly demolishing them, which would provide more space for redevelopment.



Jerrell Hargraves (R)
(did not submit)

Adam Platosz (D)
(did not submit)

Kristian Rosado (R)
(did not submit)