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Learning From Mistakes

Recently a child was found missing after four hours of being put on a school bus. The child was found in relatively good shape. A major disaster was averted. But, the result could have been different.

The child could have been found in critical condition or even dead from heat exhaustion after being left in a bus in hot weather. The potential disaster could have been avoided all together.

How? Simply, by notifying a parent their child was absent sooner.

It is apparent a school system that tells parents three hours after a child should be in school they are not, is ineffective.

Parents need to be aware of students activities early. Children could be abducted, left on school busses or merely skipping school. In an emergency, time is of the essence.

Most often telling a parent a child is absent is not news to them. But, when it is, the parent needs to be notified faster.

The New Britain School system is not perfect. No school system is. But this close call needs to be a wake up call. It is time to ensure important calls are made earlier.

In one case it may just save a life.