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City Needs to Support New Team

A new team may be on the way to New Britain, but how long they stay is up to residents.

New Britain needs to do everything it can to be sure other cities don’t steal our new team as Hartford did.

In order to keep a new team in New Britain, the residents will need to go to games in droves. Bigger attendance numbers regularly are needed.

Businesses will be asked to sponsor billboards, programs and buy season tickets.

The Council needs to approve upgrades and do all the things expected of them (and maybe a bit more) in order to keep the team owners happy.

The City needs to be sure the field is in perfect shape. The Rock Cats owners claimed conditions were not always satisfactory. That can no longer be the case.

It’s not as easy as everyone thinks to keep a team happy in a City. Teams move all the time.

If New Britain really wants to make sure the past does not haunt them, the City must stay on top of things and residents need to be 100 percent behind the team.

It does not matter who the team is affiliated with. What matters is people go out, have a good time that is safe and not too expensive right here in New Britain.

People from other towns will follow suit and support our team and visit our City.

This is a new opportunity, New Britain. Grab onto it tightly and do not let go!