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Double Standards

An incident happened this week which should teach people one very important lesson – be careful what you say, share and like on Facebook.

These days, people are careless. Sometimes posts are made out of anger. Sometimes people think they are funny. Other times, people just are agreeing with their friends.

No matter what the reason, it is never okay to post something inappropriate. Many people did not get the job because they posted drunken photos of themselves.

Posts shared by candidate Peter Ceglarz were certainly hurtful to many. They were in bad taste and showed poor judgment.

However, it is interesting that a group of people are trolling everyone’s Facebook page searching for something to disgrace people. It is sad that this political group uses personal posts to try to bring people down. It is not the first time the New Britain Democratic Town Committee has done this.

It is just as bad a practice as the comments made. Two wrongs never make a right.

But it cannot be overlooked that Mr. Ceglarz withdrew his candidacy while two Democratic candidates, whose actions were more atrocious, remain.

Alderman Michael Trueworthy getting drunk and swearing at the Mayor and then, verbally abusing a gay business owner is certainly reason for being removed as a candidate.

Alderman Suzanne Bielinski being found guilty by the Humane Commission for helping her relative get a job in the City should not be swept under the rug either.

Yet, both these candidates are still running for Council. Why is that? People need to question this party, run by none other than the man running for Mayor, in John McNamara. Why is this party so quick to judge others rather than taking responsibility for its own candidate’s behaviors?

Is this attack on an opposing candidate a way to deflect their own candidates’ despicable acts?

Mayor Erin Stewart quickly condemned the Facebook posts of her slate member. In turn, Mr. McNamara stood up for Mr. Trueworthy and gathered a group of people to defend his actions. Not once did he denounce Ms. Bielinski’s behavior.

Those actions, more than any others, shows the true characters of the two Mayoral candidates. One seems to care about the people. The other candidate, only his political party.

One cannot help but wonder what else this political season will bring. It is just beginning!

As the saying goes, “Before you look at the splinter in your neighbor’s eye, take out the log in your own eye.”