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Mayo Actions Improper

All over the news this week has been a story concerning Mayor Erin Stewart being shoved by Mayoral Candidate Alfred Mayo. Although we do not have a story concerning the details, as it has been well publicized, we have strong feelings about it.

In the past year Mayor Stewart has had to undergo a lot of political upheaval.

It is hard to forget that last summer, Alderman Michael Trueworthy showed up at her office drunk and asked her to resign. He created quite a scene and used intolerable language. The Mayor handled it with dignity and did not press charges.

This week Mayor Stewart, after asking Mayoral Candidate Alfred Mayo to leave a children’s event (where he was using bad language in talking to her staff), is struck as Mr. Mayo thrust her hands down in a shoving manner. She is forced to take action and has him arrested for third degree assault and second degree breach of peace.

Both of these men’s actions went over the line in terms of decency and responsible human behavior. However, striking someone in a moment of anger is unacceptable in the United States.

Whether or not Mr. Mayo meant physical harm, he should step down and out of the race.

Yes, he has denied he touched the Mayor. However, there were many witnesses who say he did.

We do take assault very seriously. Touching someone improperly or any action that threatens another person with physical violence is never the answer.

Mr. Mayo was probably frustrated and did have a right to be at the park. He did not have the right to be in children’s presence and use improper language. It was a non-political event held each year. He had nothing to gain by being there.

Most of us are taught not to use physical force at a very early age.

Being asked to leave an event is not a reason to be as angered as he was. If Mr. Mayo had gone to another part of the park this encounter probably would not have taken place.

His actions were improper and now he will be forced to deal with the consequences.