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Mayor Needs Many Qualities

This week the City Journal asked its Facebook group members “Which qualities are most important in a Mayor for our City?”

Honesty and transparency topped the list, but according to residents there are many other qualities needed for a good mayor.

Here are a few of the comments.

“Communication, compassion, vision, connections at federal and state levels and transparency in governing,” said Barbara Mace.

John Kawecki said, “Public relations, friendliness, accessibility, idealistic, honest, and transparent.”

“Humility, honesty, empathy, courage, determination, patience and creativity,” answered Tom Wallace.

According to Allen Pitts, “The same qualities that make any great leader: truthfulness, honor, reliability, vision, wisdom and the ability to pick subordinates who hold the same values.”

“Only one, Honesty!,” said John Wilcox. “A pre-requisite for all politicians.”

Some members thought there was a little more than qualities that make a good Mayor.

“Honesty, transparency, and the willingness to work across party lines to accomplish goals,” said Mark Zenobi. “But we must realize that not only are we voting for Mayor, but alderperson positions and we need to take a hard look at who is running and who would be best to work with the Mayor. Time to end the the rubber stamps.”

Cathy Anderson said, “Honesty, trustworthiness, a true commitment to everyone in the city not just their political allies, no favoritism to anyone (all laws apply to all citizens), ability to treat everyone with respect even when they don’t agree with you.”

“An English vocabulary that is clearly understood by the citizens not just the people who work for government,” said Drue Signorelli. “A willingness to go to all areas of town to chat clearly and calmly with concerned citizens. A special ability to calm the frustrated (it is a taught communication skill) and just everything else others have mentioned!”

“The ability to deal with those in a State Rep. job and not say nasty things about them,” said Anna Tercyak. “Someone who has big shoulders from the past mistakes that other mayors have made. Good decision skills. Compassion, love of their job, honest, a good sense of humor, and most of all a good education in making the right decisions no matter who tries to knock them down.”

“Someone who doesn’t just hear the needs of their people but really listens,” said Kati Mercier. “Hearing is a passive action but someone who listens takes the time to engage their brain and immerse themselves in working with, adjusting, and acting on the ideas presented.”

Several people even said New Britain has a Mayor in Erin Stewart with the qualities needed for a good Mayor.

“Look at what our CURRENT Mayor is doing, and try to match her,” said Roger Peterson. “THAT’S what makes a good Mayor!”

Andrea Oden said what the qualities needed are, “The ones I see in Erin Stewart of course!”

“Honesty, integrity and the ability to work with all people,” said Janet Peichert. “The ability to make tough decisions and stick to them and not be swayed by others. All qualities that our current Mayor possesses.”

Residents will vote for Mayor on Nov. 3. Mayor Stewart has announced she is running. No opponent has yet to throw their hat in the ring.