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An Insult to Residents

This week at the Citizen’s Property Owners Association’s annual meeting, Mayor Erin Stewart spoke about State issues affecting the City. When asked what kind of help she gets from our state representatives, the Mayor said only State Reps. Robert Sanchez and Betty Boukus return her phone calls.

What is the problem with State Senator Theresa Gerratana, State Rep. Rick Lopes and State Rep. Peter Tercyak? Are they too busy, too important or just plain too political to return the Mayor’s phone calls?

It is an insult to residents that these three would rather play a petty game of politics than return a call from the Mayor.

Residents elected all of them, including the Mayor who is the only Republican of those elected officials, to serve us. If New Britain is to progress, it is vital that we all stop this nonsense and take the right actions.

In fact, residents should call these state representatives and ask why they refuse to put the City above their own agendas.

I congratulate Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Boukus for doing what is proper for residents. They understand their roles. Those two may not agree with Mayor Stewart, but at least they have the decency to listen.

The inactions of Mr. Lopes, Mr. Tercyak and State Senator Gerratana just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths. They need to do what they were elected to do. If they aren’t interested in New Britain, there are many others who are willing to put the City and its residents first.