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Editor’s Note 6/5/2015


I went to the Citizen Property Owners Association’s (CPOA) Annual meeting last Sunday. The group asked some of the best questions of the Mayor I have heard in a long time. I thought the group was quite intelligent when it comes to matters of the City. I wish everyone knew the facts these members knew.

I was a little confused earlier in the week when another newspaper called the CPOA a “conservative” group. I don’t think that is a proper classification of the CPOA. This group looks out for the taxpayers of the City. It is a fiscally responsible group.

Both Republican and Democrats are in the group. Maybe if the words, “fiscally” or “financially” was put before “conservative”, it would have seemed more accurate to me.

I want to comment on a few local restaurants. I have been eating out lately and want to fill you in on what I found this week.

If you like fried clams and other fried fish, but don’t want to go to the shore, try the Blue Lobster on the Berlin Turnpike. I ate there for the first time this past week. The fried clams were just as good or better than at the shore. The onion rings were just the way I like them – thin without too much batter. The clam chowder was extremely thick. And I tried a few calamari and they were delicious.

They have a patio so you can sit out and bring your dog. It’s great for a nice summertime meal. One meal is large enough for two people or leftovers.

Their lobster rolls were named best in the State. Maybe I will try them next.

It’s not cheap, but not overpriced either. You can find their menu online.

I will try to give my impressions on different restaurants in the area each week.

I was surprised to see Bill DeMaio resigning as parks and recreation director. It will be strange not to see him at events. I wish him good luck in his new venture in Newington. He will be missed.

If you are interested in helping out the homeless, please see the address at the end of the page 1 story. Every little bit helps.

Did you see the streetscape project work downtown? I can’t wait until it is finished. It should be mostly done in the fall.

Are you ready for a Facebook joke? This one made me giggle a bit.

“When I see lovers’ names on a tree I don’t think it is so cute. It makes me wonder how many people take a knife on a date?”

Kind of scary when you really think about it.

Until next week be careful with knives and keep reading New Britain’s Most Trusted #1 Newspaper!