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Minor Infractions

For the third time this year, actions by Jessica Gerratana or her company Total Graphic Solutions (TGS) have brought questions.

The City Journal has raised concerns about funding to TGS several times in the past two years. Almost all New Britain Democratic candidates seem to pay an outrageous amount for direct mail ads for their campaigns to TGS. Often amounts have appeared 5 to 10 times higher than other local companies charge.

This week a local TV Station questioned the funds. They revealed that it has been almost $1 million given out to Jessica Gerratana’s firm.

The CT State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) also levied a $400 fine for what it called a “minor” infraction this month related to campaign dollars going to TGS.

Of course, residents can’t forget that the Civil Service Commission requested removal of Gerratana earlier this year as they found Suzanne Bielinksi (her aunt by marriage) was wrong in hiring Gerratana to a City position. Bielinski is the sister of Theresa Gerratana who is a state senator.

All of these indiscretions separately seem to amount to a few transgressions. But, as information continues to be revealed it is mounting up into many more questions.

Why are so many taxpayer funds going to a few companies? Why do New Britain candidates feel it proper to pay such high prices (using taxpayer money of course) to friends or colleagues families’ companies? Is this illegal or at least immoral?

At this point nothing serious has happened due to these questionable dealings. But, it will be a curious thing to see how many more questionable actions are made and just if any turn out to be a bit more than a “minor” infraction.