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SEEC Fines Gerratana

The State of Connecticut State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) decided on a consent and $400 penalty to Frank Gerratana following a complaint by Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Steele.

The complaint alleges that committee vendor, RDJ Holdings, was used as a front vendor for the candidate (Greg Gerratana) wife’s (Jessica Gerratana) company, Total Graphic Solutions (TGS). The complaint alleges that this financial relationship between the committee and TGS violates general statutes which prohibit committee compensation to immediate family members and committee funds for personal use respectively.

Frank Gerratana was the deputy treasurer of the 2009 campaign for his son Greg. Frank is the husband of and Greg is the son of State Senator Theresa Gerratana.

The Complainant also suggested that the funds might not have been spent on actual services as the candidate dropped out of the race.

“The facts bear out the Complainant’s factual allegation that RDJ Holdings was essentially a pass-through for services actually provided by TGS,” according to the report, “Nevertheless, the only actual violations relevant to the Complaint are the Respondent’s failure to timely report two expenses incurred but not paid in the applicable reporting period. Respondent did however report these expenses when he paid them in the next succeeding period.”

Upon the Respondent’s agreement to comply with the Order, the Commission will not initiate any further proceedings against the Respondent, Mary Anne Wysocki, Gregory Gerratana, Jessica Gerratana, Total Graphics Solutions, LLC, Ralph Roberti, or any Ralph Roberti held corporation regarding this matter.

Anthony J. Casagno, chairman of the SEEC, did add in the report that the violations are considered minor.

This SEEC decision was made on May 4, but the City Journal acquired the documents on May 27.

Earlier this week, NBC News Connecticut released a report by George Colli about taxpayer funds going to a select few. Gerratana’s TGS was one of the companies mentioned.

“Greg Gerratana and his wife Jessica have received more than $1 million worth of business since the program was implemented in 2008,” said Colli in the report. “Greg Gerratana partnered with Christian Murray in 2012, earning more than $430,000. This year, his wife Jessica’s company, Total Graphic Solutions, took in more than $250,000. The company was paid nearly $700,000 from statewide and legislative races in 2010.”

Many of the New Britain Democratic Party candidate funds have been given to TGS.

Earlier this year Jessica Gerratana was the subject of an investigation by the Civil Service Commission. Alderman Lou Salvio had alleged that Alderman Suzanne Bielinski helped hire Jessica Gerratana as Council Secretary. Jessica Gerratana is Bielinski’s niece by marriage.

The Civil Service Commission ruled that Jessica Gerratana be removed from her position and that the Common Council remove Bielinski.

The court has since allowed Gerratana to go back to her job following an appeal and the Democratic controlled Council refused to seek removal of Bielinski who is Mayor Pro Tem.

The City Journal was unable to reach the Gerratana family as of press time.