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It Only Takes a Minute

Although New Britain does not celebrate Memorial Day until the actual day on May 30, it is important that this weekend we all take a minute to honor our fallen veterans.

No one has to go out to monuments or gravesites to remember those that have lost their life for us. There are other acts, perhaps more important, that we can do.

First and foremost is to thank a living veteran or current military person for their service. Everyone knows someone who has served and it only takes a minute to make a call. Tell them you are proud, thankful and are thinking of them. It will make their day to know they are appreciated.

Another way may be as easy as saying a prayer to honor veterans before you eat your barbecued meal. At a party maybe you can ask everyone to mention someone they know or knew and bring back a nice memory.

Memorial Day is not just a day at the beach. It should mean something more. It’s not difficult to spend five minutes remembering what the day really means before going on with your life.

Next week at the parade there will be many opportunities to see veterans and remember what they stand for. It will be another opportunity to honor them. Before the events the City also holds ceremonies at various monuments. Each one is special. It is a good time to honor our fallen heroes.

But, this weekend should not be overlooked. It’s not just a 3-day weekend. This year make it something unique that personifies the meaning of Memorial Day. Take the time to do something special and most likely it will make the holiday seem extraordinary for you.