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Violence Goes Nowhere

Violence in Baltimore, MD has been the talk of the country the past weeks as protestors have attempted to hurt police officers.

In the past year there have been many times police actions have come under question as various individuals, mostly of color, have died or been seriously injured, after arrests. These issues need serious investigation.

However, violent actions are not the answer. Protestors need to keep their events peaceful. Two wrongs has never made a right.

Those who have influence need to come forward and not stem further violence. Instead of making issues worse they need to demand justice without violence. Sometimes, emotions that get out of control can lead to unacceptable actions. It appears that is what has happened in Baltimore.

The nation needs to take accusations seriously and have proper procedures followed. Police must not investigate their own. It must be an impartial investigation.

Emotions need to be controlled regardless of which side of the issue people are on.

In New Britain, we are fortunate to have a good police force and not have such issues. It would be horrible if our residents suddenly started protesting our police officers unnecessarily because of what others have done.

Those that have done wrong will find justice. Violence is not the answer.