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The word around Yankee baseball is it’s going to be a long year. Yankee fans don’t seem too enthusiastic and the early season has given us nothing to change our minds.

The highlight of the season continues to be Alex Rodriguez. As I have said in the past I root for him because he is a Yankee, but part of me wants to see him flounder and fall and go away.

I can’t help but wonder each time he gets a home run if he is on some kind of steroid. What is it now that makes him able to play like no one else at his age?

ARod leads the team in home runs, average and RBIs.

There just seems to be so many questions that I can’t enjoy it when he does something good. Not sure if that makes me less of a Yankees fan or more of a realist.

I was excited to see Masahiro Tanaka finally pitch a great game like last season. I was wondering if the surgery had destroyed his arm. I guess it has not.

And DD Gregorius is not playing the infield as Yankee management hoped. His play has been poor. What can be harder than trying to replace Derek Jeter. Seriously, this guy has it tough out there. I think he will need more time to grow into the position. I still would be happier to see Troy Tulowitzki in a Yankee uniform at shortstop.

Has anyone on the team impressed you?

A few games there were some names I never even heard of before. The team sounds almost like a minor league team and times.

Why does John Ryan Murphy go by three names? Doesn’t that mean he is a serial killer?

It may be in a season that is predicted to be long a few jokes are what is needed in Yankee baseball.

Let’s just hope the joke is not always on us.