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City Looks to Enforce Trash Bin Removal

The Common Council is looking at an ordinance that will revise time allowance for trash containers to be left in front of homes.

Alderman Donald Naples said he started the resolution because there had been a lot of complaints about it by residents. Many of those not bringing in trash bins include homes occupied by college students.

“The old rule said you had to pick up trash barrels within 12 hours of them being picked up,” said Naples. “That is very hard to do for some people, because sometimes they are collected at 4 a.m. in the morning. If you don’t get home until 4 p.m. you might not be able to help that.”

The new ordinance changes pick-up for residents to 24 hours after the trash collectors picked up the trash.

During public participation of a Council meeting in March resident Dennis Pelligrino stated the hours were too short and need to be widened for how long trash could be left before being picked up.

The Council then sent the resolution to consolidated committee to extend those hours.

The hours will now be extended to either noon before or 24 hours before and 24 hours after trash pick-up.

“We are going after the people who do not bring them in at all or leave them out for three days and not the average person who may be a little late,” said Naples. “There are others that do not care.”

The cost will be $99 dollars per bin that is not taken in after the 24 hours of pick-up.

Naples said residents complained to him mostly about college rentals. The responsibility for pick-up is for the owner of the property, he added.

The New Britain Police Department or the Health and Building Services Department will respond to complaints, but neither department plans to go out and to search for those who are not in compliance.

“We really just want to get the word out so that people will bring their bins in,” said Naples. “We are not trying to make money on it. We just want to clean up the neighborhoods.”

Naples said New Britain used to look like a dump when trash was laid out on the curb. This, he said, is another way to make New Britain look cleaner.

The $99 fee will be effective on both regular bins and recycled bins.

The resolution is expected back before the Council at its April 22 meeting at City Hall.