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Editor’s Note 1/16/2015

I must start out by saying how happy I am my Patriots are still alive in the playoffs. They did not play well last week, so I am not sure they can win it all. But win or lose I am excited to see them make it to the divisional championship.

Sorry Cowboy fans and Packer fans and Steelers fans. There is always next year. My prediction is Seattle wins it all for a second time.

Did you see the proposed increase in the Superintendent’s budget? I would love to see it happen, but unless the state gives more money to New Britain, I wouldn’t count on it. New Britain cannot afford to raise taxes this year.

I think Board of Education members understand that and will find a way for our schools to run with less. It would still be nice to see a miracle happen. Schools are the one place that can always use more funding. Our kids deserve a great education.

It was nice on Saturday to see so many students making gift bags at HALS for the homeless. I think we need to learn early that not everyone has the essentials. We need more programs like this.

Our Facebook question this week brought a lot of interesting answers and discussion. It seems everyone wants to see more of something in New Britain. Personally, I agree with Catherine Cheney’s answer. People need to be more involved in the community and take notice to what is happening. Newspapers can only report so much. It is every residents’ responsibility to get involved and help improve the community.

We all want lower taxes and more activities, but only together can we actually make those things a reality.

I guess I am an optimist because I truly believe residents can do anything they put their mind to in New Britain.

I want to thank all who came out to the solar seminar on Tuesday at the senior center. I am planning another seminar in Feb. at Paradise Pizza. I will give you more information next week. If you want to learn more, please attend. As you can tell solar is my second passion.

I heard the following joke on Facebook many times, but each time I read it I shake my head and say “ain’t that the truth.”

“I will never be over the hill because I’m too darn tired to climb it.”

I’m not sure if that means I am getting old, but you can climb it. I’m staying on the bottom.

Until next week think before you climb and keep reading YOUR #1 Most Trusted New Britain newspaper!