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What Would You Like to See?

This week’s question on our Facebook group was an easy one for readers. We simply asked people to answer this question “I would like to see more _______ in New Britain.” As usual answers were varied with many differing opinions on the issues.

One very prominent answer was lower taxes.

Jodi Rybczynski said she wanted tax cuts for property owners as well as help for feral cats.

Valerie Sarnacki agreed adamantly stating, “Taxes lowered.”

Others saw new business and jobs as a prime objective.

“Economic development and job creation,” said Alderman Daniel Salerno.

Courtney Sabir would like to see a Walmart or a Chinese food buffet.

Simply put, Sarah Jennie said “Jobs.”

Greater Chamber of Commerce President Timothy Stewart responded to many requests for new businesses by saying “A city can’t attract corporations and small business entrepreneurs when so many continue to operate in their little silos of responsibility in this community. A concerted effort to market and promote NB is well overdue. Stakeholders including the institutions of the community that are not going anywhere need to step up and provide funding to make this happen. The business community will follow if people see something tangible coming out of the efforts. Arenas and sports venues do not give the return on investment that everyone thinks. We proposed a downtown CCSU arena where the Taco Bell is now located back through our downtown study group several years ago. Then, along came a new mayor who thought he had a better idea. .79 cent taco’s is not the answer.”

Activities were another highlighted topic for answers.

Rodney Baker said, “More things to do as a community, like the car show, Oktoberfest and tree lighting.”

Scott Markiewicz response was “More entertainment. Shows, concerts to draw people from surrounding towns and with new businesses opening up downtown, they would stay after or come early to grab something to eat with their family or grab a drink!”

John Kawecki said “Casinos, theatres, movie houses, food courts and amusement parks.”

Deborah Slater said, “Things for kids to do like ice skating, roller skating, after school activities, less garbage, more jobs, a place for the homeless to go beside the library.”

Many had original or specific ideas.

Jordan Beardsly said “fines for people that don’t shovel their sidewalks.”

“Conversion of closed apartment buildings into affordable housing and shelters for the homeless,” said Barbara Mase

“I’d like to see more help and understanding for our special needs children in the public schools,” said Sammi-jo Walker.

Ken Haassadi, “I would like to see more talks of capping route 72 among our common council once we have the funds in New Britain.”

Roger Peterson simply said, “Another term for Mayor (Erin) Stewart.”

Gerry Amodio, Downtown District Director said, “CCSU students in Downtown.”

Gayle Sanders Connolly, said, “More ‘doers’, less complainers.”

Linda Sovak said she wants to see more pride taken in the way our city looks.

Geri O’Keefe-Curtis stated “More optimism.”

Walter A Radziszewski said, “More help for totally disabled Veterans like myself!”

“I would think that people need more education on mental illness and addiction,” said Anna Tercyak.

“Park and Recreation programs for special needs children,” said Krystal Tenner.

Catherine Nyhan Cheney concluded, “I’d like to see more involved citizens. The City can’t support every project or activity, but people working together can accomplish a lot. Involvement also in learning about candidates and issues, and then voting, at the local, state and federal levels.”

The New Britain City Journal asks a question once a month in its Facebook group concerning the City for all to answer.