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Our Wishes for 2015

There were fantastic wishes from many top leaders for the coming year in this week’s edition.

We also had the chance to look back at last year’s top events. While we could not get everything in, we hope we covered most of the highlights.

For the coming year we have a lot of wishes.

Perhaps number one on that list is that the plans for streetscape and the CT Fastrak really change the atmosphere in our City.

There are so many plans for Spring that we are excited about. We are looking forward to food trucks and vendors at Central Park. The transformation of the bridge over Route 72. The hussle and bussle around the busway.

Residents always talk about the former glory of New Britain. In 2015 we want to see some of that glory finally return.

We are also wishing for good results in the upcoming local election. May the candidates that are best for the City prevail. We hope they all have the fire in their belly to keep New Britain headed in the right direction.

The City Journal also hopes there are no repeats of last year with the drunken rampages, gay slurs and the need for removal of common council members. It was a tumultuous year that we hope will not be copied in 2015.

In 2015 it would be great to see the homeless taken care of better and unemployment rates for residents lower.

It would be fantastic to see the state give more money to education and our schools do well both academically and in sport competitions. It was really special to see the football team make it to the tournament. Events like that brings enthusiasm to our schools.

It is easy to see that 2015 has a lot of potential. Our biggest wish is that those potentials become reality and it will be a year residents will look back on with a gleam in their eyes.