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Mayor Stewart Named Person of the Year

In this week’s paper we asked who people who they thought was person of the year. There were so many good answers.

Peter Ceglarz along with Isaac Silva helped organize several events to raise food and toys for the needy. Those types of activities must be congratulated.

Cathy Cheney has brought an amazing amount of funds to the New Britain band. She has used a personal tragic event to bring good to this City. That is not a task many people can do.

Officer Brett Morgan and Police Chief James Wardwell were also mentioned. Morgan brought a City together after a tragic event and has remained enthusiastic. New Britain loves this officer.

Chief Wardwell has changed the police department around and certainly has made it better.

There were others mentioned who brought wonderful things to the City such as Amy Kirby and Paul Baylock. We are lucky to have them in New Britain.

There was one person, however, that was the clear favorite for residents.

It was none other than our Honorable Mayor Erin Stewart. We therefore name Ms. Stewart as New Britain Person of the Year.

It is a wonderful thing that residents feel so confident in our Mayor to give her this honor. We haven’t had a mayor in a few years with such favorable comments from residents.

Mayor Stewart has done a lot since taking office and deserves kudos. She has saved us from bankruptcy, brought new business into New Britain and most importantly, she has ignited a spark to the City which had been missing for a long time.

The City is very fortunate to have Mayor Stewart as well as so many other good people willing to move it forward. In 2014, it really was difficult to just pick one person.

We want to thank everyone who has made New Britain better and hope that residents continue to lead New Britain in the right direction.

We feel all of you that are bringing positives to the City are certainly worthy of being named person of the year along with Mayor Stewart.

Congratulations to everyone nominated and to the City for bringing you here. May we continue in this positive direction in 2015.