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Pigskin Predictions

It was a great weekend of NFL football last week. There were so many surprises. I have to say my Top 5 rankings are in for a drastic change this week.

I was not impressed with my Patriots victory over the Jets Thursday. A two point win is not a great feat. That will certainly affect their ranking.

Those darn Cowboys continue to impress me. I find myself rooting for them which is unheard of for me.

Arizona and Denver also keep showing me something. They are impressive.

San Diego and Seattle losses were definitely the most surprising part of the weekend. Seattle is 3-3. I think by the end of the year they will be a force, but losing to St. Louis is a definite downturn.

Week 8 starts off with a great game in San Diego at Denver. Peyton Manning is as hot as ever and Philip Rivers is playing well. I’ve never been a fan of Rivers, but I love Peyton and will be rooting for him all night.

On Sunday I would not be surprised to see my Pats lose to the Bears. The Bears have great receivers and could go downfield a lot. I still want to see Rob Gronkowski get more passes. We need him to play well in order to win.

Baltimore at Cincinnati is a fun match-up. I like Baltimore. The team has been playing great as of late. I am not an Andy Dalton fan. I think this game will be a big one for the division. Winner may win the division.

Philadelphia at Arizona looks like a fun game to watch as well. I like Arizona, but the Eagles always play hard. I can’t believe Philadelphia is 5-1.

Green Bay and New Orleans on Sunday night looks to be a shoot out. I think if you bet the over seems like a good idea.

And the NFL week finishes with those Cowboys taking on the lowly Washington Redskins. This could be a blow-out in the first half. It is hard to tell what will happen when division rivals meet, but Washington needs RGIII back desperately. Let’s see if he is healthy enough to play. Otherwise look for Washington QB Colt McCoy to fall apart at some point.

So are you ready for my Top 5? Yes, this week looks a little bit different than past weeks.

Top 5

1. Denver

2. Dallas

3. Indianapolis

4. Arizona

5.  Seattle