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Leaf Pick-up to Begin

It is time once again to rake those leaves and put them in bags as the New Britain Public Works Department will begin pick-up on Nov. 3.

There was a program started in the Spring that is being re-introduced this Fall.

It involves the City picking leaves up based on 12 routes.

“We are going to pick them up by area,” said Mark Moriarty, public works director. “For years this had been a disaster. The leaf program historically had leaves picked up starting with a Monday trash route going to Tuesday’s trash route and so on. Sometimes it took us three days to get through Monday’s route which put each route behind.”

Moriarty said leaves will now be picked up by area and residents can look up on the City website where the City is in the process of picking up leaves.

The City will do each route at least three times before finishing pick-up on Dec. 5.

“We start in Route 1 and go through each route sequentially which makes it very easy for people to see when their leaves will be picked up,” said Moriarty. “We have a daily update and we will tell you if we are on the first, second or third pass. We don’t know exactly how much we will get to the next day. It gives you an understanding of the process. You can call the City and they can look on line and help you if you do not have internet access.”

About 850 tons of leaves are collected in the Fall, while only 140 tons were collected in the Spring.

“We did this in the Spring but it was just a test. It did work out well though. It made sense to keep this procedure,” said Moriarty “We want to make a lot of changes to make things function better.”

The City has 160 miles of City roads and also must collect leaves on state roads as well. If people prefer they can bring leaves themselves to the City recycling center.

“We are trying to increase the level of communication,” Moriarty added.

To see the route process and find out when your leaves will be picked up go to Then click on public works and then click program services and then on leaf recycling collection.

Residents must use paper leaf bags that are available for purchase at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Collection Schedule Information:

Fall curbside collection will be from Nov. 3 thru Dec. 5.

Leaf Program Rules:

• Paper Leaf Bags only

• Only leaves put in paper leaf bags will be picked up


• Do not tape or staple bags closed

• Paper leaf bags that are too heavy (over 40lbs.) will not be picked up. Residents will be required to deliver overweight bags to the New Britain Residential Recycling Center.

• Paper leaf bags are for leaves only. Sticks, pine needles, acorns, brush & rubbish go in the regular trash.

• Grass must be composted in backyard or left on the lawn.

New Britain Residential Recycling Center is located at 642 Christian Lane, Berlin.

Hours: Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Saturday Hours: 7 a.m. to noon.

If you have any questions contact 860-826-3350.