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Editor’s Note 10/17/2014

I have been asked throughout the week what I thought about the Civil Service Commission findings concerning Suzanne Bielinski. I did see a lot of evidence that she did wrong in the hiring process. From what was brought out it seemed easy for me to determine Bielinski had made the position for Jessica Gerratana from the start.

The testimony of Pattie Lewis saying that Bielinski told her she was overqualified for the job and the words of Judy Caroll that Gerratana came to the office “as if measuring for curtains” before the job was even posted were very convincing. I believe those two pieces of evidence were key in the decision made.

The fact that Gerratana was the only person brought in for the interview process was also very telling as was the fact that Bielinski told Karen Levine, personnel director, she knew someone who wanted to apply for the job. It’s hard to dispute four strong pieces of evidence from witnesses who have nothing to gain by saying it.

In Gerratana’s defense, it does appear she has done a good job. I just don’t think that the way she got the job seems fair. I think she should be allowed to re-apply and this should not be held against her. I am not sure exactly what Gerratana did wrong.

I do see why they want to repost the job. It makes sense as you can’t just recommend someone resign and pay a fine without trying to fix the situation.

I did not however see the commission vote in public. I just remember them reading the decision. I’ve heard attorneys say they needed to vote in public. I do not recall that happening. I heard the vote was 4-1, but I also heard it was unanimous and someone else told me it was 3-2. I really don’t know.

I did see a City Attorney and one of the other defendant’s attorney discussing the issue very loudly after the decision was made. It didn’t feel proper to me.

Overall, I thought the process was very fair. I believe this could drag out until next election cycle. I expect this case will be delayed and pushed back several times. I eagerly wait to see what the courts have to say about it. But, attorneys always fight for their client. That is their job and I am not surprised by any of it.

This week’s paper has a lot of different things. The Health Fair was awesome. Seniors love it. I am glad TRIAD brought it back. Thanks for that goes to Art Powers and Mary Carpenter.

Also be sure to read about another great restaurant opening on page 4.

Joke from Facebook.

“The war on drugs brought in more drugs and the war on terrorism brought in more terrorists. Maybe next year we can have a war on money and jobs and see where it goes.”

If only it were that easy.

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