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Editor’s Note 9/26/2014

It was another great week in New Britain. The 8th Annual Downtown District Car Show was the biggest one yet with over 200 cars. The crowds were big as the weather was perfect.

I’m really excited about our Dinner and a Movie on Oct. 2 at Roma’s Restaurant. We will be showing “Young Frankenstein” and have raffle prizes including a 2002-03 UConn shirt signed by former UConn women’s star Swin Cash. Tickets are available at the Downtown District, 66 West Main St., Amato’s Toy and Hobby, 283 Main St., Roma’s Bar & Grill, 382 Allen St. and through me.

I hope you did not miss the page 1 story about the Route 72 overpass. It is so long and it feels exposed when you cross it. A new atmosphere will make it more inviting and it may even connect our two downtowns.

For years I have said I would love to see a tunnel built over it and businesses built on top to bring our downtown together. This idea being proposed by the City is a good one. A nice job to Mayor Erin Stewart for telling state officials they owe us after building a highway through our City. You go girl!

Most of the funds we are getting are because the CTFastrak is being built. I can’t wait for that to open in March 2015. I know a lot of you are against it, but there will always be haters against progress.

I’m not thrilled that the busway has gone through the cemetery. I think there should have been a better way.

I’m also a little excited to see this Go Ape concept. This City never ceases to amaze me. This could be the coolest thing about New Britain yet. I am planning to give it a try.

It would be nice to know we have another tourist destination. The Rock Cats or whoever we may have in the future is not the only show in town.

Our great New Britain Museum of American Art, Trinity on Main, The Hole in the Wall, The Repertory Theatre and events we hold make New Britain stand out among the state.

I know I have been giddy about New Britain the last few weeks. After a year or more of all depressing news, it is so nice to see our City turn around.

If you own a dog please check out page 2. Get your dogs vaccines and have them licensed. Be a responsible pet owner. It only takes a few minutes. It sure beats big fines.

My joke of the week from Facebook.

“Ah Camping. Where you spend a fortune to try to live like a homeless person.”

I always liked camping and never quite thought about it that way.

Until next week watch how you spend your money and keep reading YOUR #! Most Trusted New Britain Newspaper!