Elections 2013 – Alderman At Large – (R) Matthew Cannata

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My name is Matthew Cannata and I have been heavily involved in public service and the community here in New Britain over the past ten years. I have been President of New Britain Little League for the past seven and have been a coach in New Britain Little League for the past ten. New Britain Little League has been in existence for 56 years and has seen many volunteers come and go. However, I am proud to say that I am the longest serving President of that league with seven years of service.

I have lived in New Britain my entire life – growing up on Christopher Circle – attending Holmes School, St. Francis of Assisi, and New Britain High. I even attended CCSU and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Everything I have done throughout my life has been centered in and around New Britain and I am now ready to take that next step and help serve the community that offered me so many opportunities throughout my life.

I currently work at New Britain High School as the Technology Assistant. My duties include servicing all of the A/V equipment as well as other various tasks that come up throughout the school day. I have been in this position for almost a year now and I am passionate about the job – not only because it’s something I love to do – but I am also helping give back to the students, teachers, and staff in our city.

Besides all of that, I am also involved at the Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection on Stanley Street. I am the Corresponding Secretary on the Parish Council and am currently serving in the second year of my first term. Previously, I had been Chairman of the youth group in the church at both the Juniors and Seniors level.

My goal as Alderman would be to help bring fiscal responsibility back to the city, to help better our school system, to energize the youth, and to help bring new businesses into our city while retaining ones already here. The only way New Britain can get better and thrive in the future is if we look at the current budget, make the tough choices, and eliminate the wasteful spending. While it may hurt in the short – term, it will most definitely help in the long term when New Britain is thriving and becomes one of the best places in Connecticut to live.

We also need to work together with our current businesses and potential new ones. What can we do at City Hall to help them succeed? What obstacles are we creating, knowingly and unknowingly, that is preventing their business from growing? What kind of tax credits are we offering them? Those are all things I would tackle head on immediately once elected.

I hope I can count on your support on November 5 and the years afterwards. Together, we can bring New Britain back to prominence in the state of Connecticut and make it a place where people can’t wait to come to!

If you wish to speak to me, you may e-mail me at matthewcannata@gmail.com or call me at 860-819-0496.



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