Trust Needs to be Earned

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In a conversation this week with the Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Phil Sherwood, he said the Mayor has lost trust in us.

Trust? In what way is there trust? The mayor expects us to trust him? The mayor expects us to do things his way so he can trust us? Are you saying you trust the Herald to write stories in your favor, but not us?

This is the biggest joke. The residents, including this paper, needs to be the ones who trust the mayor. Not the other way around.

Each week we are astonished by the arrogance of this Mayor’s administration. We, the people, elected you. You did not elect the paper. You have no control over us and never will. Yes, we all know you control the Herald. You see if the Herald writes negative stories about the mayor’s office, it loses advertising revenue as well as access.

In order for its writers to get stories they must write good things that are spoon-fed to them by Mr. Sherwood. How do we know this? Many clues, including Mr. Sherwood telling us several times what stories the Herald would have in their paper up to 24 hours in advance. This also means the Herald writer does not have to investigate to get stories. He can just sit back and take direction from Mr. Sherwood.

This is why the City gives the Herald ads. It is a win-win for both the mayor and the Herald.

And that is why neither can be trusted any longer.

There is a gag order against the  New Britain City Journal given by the mayors office, according to department heads and staff, because they don’t “trust us” to write what they want. Their payback is not giving us ads and trying to drive us out of business. Sorry guys. It won’t work.

No matter how much money you try to instill into a dying daily it will not affect us.

The New Britain City Journal will always do what is right for the City. Unlike Mayor Tim O’Brien and Mr. Sherwood, the New Britain City Journal’s owner was born and raised here and plans on staying here. This paper is not a stepping stone for higher political office. The paper is here for the long run despite Mr. Sherwood’s threats two months ago, that he would ruin the paper’s reputation in four months.

We no longer trust the mayor because he is the one spending our hard earned money for his own advancement while squandering our children’s future and economically enslaving residents who are already hurting with additional taxes, fines and fees. His actions are what have brought this paper to where it stands today.

In the next 10 months or so, until the November election, it will be interesting to see if the Mayor’s office and the Herald prove they can be trusted. Most people see right through both.

A lot will have to be done to convince residents otherwise. You, your administration and the Herald need to earn all of OUR trust!



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