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I write this column every week and am still surprised when people ask me questions surrounding it. I was at a tag sale in Newington last Saturday when someone asked me how my trifocals were. I didn’t know this man so it took me off guard.

After a few seconds he said he read it in my column that morning. Ah! I should have realized that sooner.

Saturday was certainly adventurous as I had something happen to me that never happened. As I started to cross railroad tracks, in my car, the alarms sounded and the arms started to go down. It shocked me and for a second I hesitated and looked both ways. I saw no train and then flew past the tracks.

I can kind of understand how cars can get stuck on tracks. I nearly stopped to see what was going on and could have been hit if the train were close. It was a very strange experience.

This week we have our first CCSU page. One of my goals in 2012 was to incorporate Central Connecticut State University into our newspaper. It is very important to our City. A lot happens at CCSU and now we can keep you informed. The page will run at least once a month. This week it is on page 8.

As usual, we have a lot of news in this week’s edition. I do hope many of you attend the Polish Business Association’s First Annual Little Poland Festival. It looks to be a delightful event.

Page one is packed with news from the CPOA as well as results of the final storm committee.

There is also a story on new ways the Mayor’s office is creating revenue. Sounds like some interesting plans. What do  you think?

Last Saturday the Boys and Girls Club and the New Britain Lions Club got together to put trees up at the club. It is so nice when to City groups work together. Wouldn’t it be nice if that was always the case. See page 3.

Our columnists this week are Pat Rutkowski, New Britain Public Library Director and Lt. Don King of the New Britain Fire Department. These are two of our great contributor writers. Do not miss their columns.

It appears to be time for my joke. I found a really good one that I can’t use because it was rated R. So you’ll have to settle for this.

“What do JC Penney and high school students have in common?

They both have their pants 50 percent off.”

I can’t stand seeing kids with their pants hanging below their butt.

Until next week, keep your pants on properly and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!



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