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It seems everyone was outside this past week because of the nice weather. I can’t believe how nice it was. It stunk spending most of Monday and Tuesday indoors. Doesn’t Mother Nature understand the concept of the weekend?

On Sunday morning I attended the Annual TRIAD Breakfast. It was packed. I met so many people I know, we had to put seats on the end of the table to all fit. Next up for TRIAD is the Senior Prom in April. It’s another great event. I have to say that Officer Carol Zesut just does such an amazing job. She deserves a lot of credit.

I bought my bracelet for Ben. Did you? New Britain High School needs the support so make sure you purchase one. I believe they will be available at “Hairspray” this weekend. Don’t miss that either. It’s a fun musical. A lot of events are happening as the weather warms up.

Each week on Monday I start to get so excited for the paper. It’s hard being a weekly and waiting until Friday to get the news out. When there is something good, I want everyone to know right away.

This week was no exception as we have interesting articles throughout.

Sharon Beloin-Saavedra right here on this page gives us the facts on picking a new superintendent. It’s not easy making some decisions, but you have to do what you believe is best. Residents elect individuals because they believe each will make the right decision. You have to go with your instincts. I believe Saavedra and the board did what they thought was right. That is good enough for me.

I was disgusted this week that someone sent a white powdery substance to City Hall last week. People are ignorant to play games. They need to be found and prosecuted. If we all assume these things are a hoax, the real ones will kill someone.

As always, this week’s paper is filled with real live New Britain news. Not news from eight towns or nothing but columns. We have real New Britain news.

See page 2 for a story on some of the latest technology at the Hospital of Central Connecticut. We take for granted our hospital. They really are on the cutting edge.

On page 3 is a story about a donation from the New Britain CPOA. Our dogs on duty need funds too.

My Funny Thought on Facebook may not be understood by today’s youth who do not know what milkmen were. But, for us older folks, we will get it.

“Daughter: Mom, when can I give dad his Father’s Day card?

Mother: When he comes to deliver the milk!”

Until next week, honor your father whoever he may be and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!



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