Tana Wolski: Exhibition “THE SEEDS” Opening Reception Saturday

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“The Seeds” art exhibition is taking place at the Pulaski Democratic Club Of New Britain. Tana Wolski has decided to present a new suite of works completed within the past two years. Her husband John Wolski is in charge for the curatorial duties. The dynamic energy retrieves as the two years of artworks are wrapped into the two-day show. “The Seeds” is an installment of several series including portraits, abstract paintings, drawings, and installations.

“I am turning the Club’s hall into the art space for a couple of days. The place can carry up to 30 artworks. I like the idea to bring art to the community’s familiar environment, so people can enjoy it without intimidating gallery settings. It addresses the problem of the declining interest in Arts in general. Interesting concepts are always noticed by the public. That said, there should be as many art presentations as possible. Most of the time such presentations can be organized by artists themselves. Besides, there are lots of supportive people who respect the work and willing to help in the organization process,” said Wolski. “The Seeds” exhibited artworks are diverse. Every painting has become an introduction to the next one. All pieces are interconnected. I reinstall the works in relation to each other from today’s perspective. I want the work to be viewed as developing, gradually changing, and growing.”

According to Wolski, “The Seeds” suggests nature. The title unlocks a variety of interpretations.

Works in “The Seeds” exhibition rise up from the awareness of Time as the Force. It is powerful to turn a seed into a tree, welcome blossoms, engage into fruitful seasons, embrace the maturity, and pass the life forward. “The Seeds” exhibition questions permanence in any form. Contrasting artworks are engaged in relations to each other, gradually changing, growing through its’seasons’.

“I don’t see a huge gap between my paintings and installations. I am interested in certain expressions. For that matter, I have practiced two-dimensional paintings, introducing slight physical structures,” said Wolski. “I apply thicker paint layers for some works, until it pushes me into three-dimensional venue. Then installations and painted sculptures appear. Summer 2011 became the season of such ‘bodily’ work. I am fond of the interaction between all the works I do.”

Wolski said she is an observer, and understands how powerful a visual object can be.

“Any project starts with an idea that sparks out of my observation of some situation, then I can rate down inspirations like conversations, literature, music. There is a huge number of ideas, but only few of them get to the next stage and become prospective projects,” she said. “I link sensations, imagined feeling, mental associations, and emotions to a particular subject or object. I think a project is successful when it connects all of the above, then it becomes a multilevel communication system. I hope the idea is automatically recalls when viewers look at the artwork.”

The art is on display Feb. 25-26. An opening reception is Saturday, Feb. 25 from 4-8 p.m., or Sunday, Feb. 26 from 4-7 p.m. at the Pulaski Democratic Club, 89 Grove St.

“The power of contemporary Art is fascinating. Art reflects the social standings, it tells us who we are. Most of the time it doesn’t provide easily processed components. It evolves viewers into learning process, awareness of beauty, relationships between literal meaning and metaphoric expression,” said Wolski. “Simply, Art heals the body and soul. We should think of art and search for it as a vital nurture for intellectual development and emotional consciousness.”


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