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This week was the first time I bought a Powerball ticket in a while. I can’t believe it now costs $2.

But, big news! I was 5 out of 6 on the ticket this week. Yep, I got five wrong and one right. Unfortunately, that is not worth any money.

It’s too bad the City can’t run a lottery. It would definitely help our financial woes.

This week it was announced that the New Britain Board of Education will get an additional $2.65 million from the state. I think that is great. We had the fifth highest increase in municipalities in the state. My only concern is that we have the fourth largest funding increase in City aid behind Waterbury, Hartford and Bridgeport. Not to be greedy, but why didn’t we get the fourth highest increase in municipalities in the state then?

New Britain education funds have been lacking for some time. We need more from the state than that. I urge our legislators to keep fighting for City education.

This week on our website at www.nbcityjournal.com we asked “How much of an increase do you think the Board of Education budget should receive?”

So far it is close, with 0 percent increase leading at with 45 percent of the votes. Both 5 and over 15 percent have 25 percent of the votes. Amazingly 11.5 percent, which is what the school board asked for, has 0 percent of the votes.

Please cast your vote today. I plan to keep the question up a few more weeks.

We are doing something special with the sports section and seeking some advertisers. If you own a business and are interested in a unique advertising opportunity, I am encouraging you to give us a call this week. Call me at 860-505-7612. I don’t usually solicit ads here, but this is unique.

So, what is our paper about this week? Kindergarteners at Vance celebrated the 100th day of school this week. It was the cutest thing. See story on page 1 and photos on page 8.

Governor Dannel Malloy’s wife Cathy, was in the City. She was here to celebrate Arts Day.

We are thrilled to have Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, school board president, once again bring us an important column right here on this page.

It’s time for my joke from Facebook. It is another top 5.

“Top 5 things not to say to a police officer if you get stopped

5. I can’t reach my license unless you hold my beer.
4. You must have been going over 120 MPH to keep up with me.
3. Sorry Officer my radar wasn’t plugged in.
2. Are you the guy from the Village People?
1. I pay your salary.”

Until next week, be careful what you say and keep reading YOUR #1 Weekly Newspaper!



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