Arts Vital to City’s Future

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Last Saturday Cathy Malloy, the governor’s wife, came to New Britain’s Downtown Gallery to celebrate the First Arts Day in the state. Art Day may become an annual event.

New Britain residents should be proud of our arts. We have a lot of it.

When you speak to many organizers, they are often disappointed not to see as much public participation as expected.

Places like the Downtown Gallery, the New Britain Museum of American Art, Trinity on Main, Hole in the Wall, the Art League of New Britain and the New Britain Repertory Theatre are not available everywhere. They are unique to a City like ours.

In order for New Britain to continue positive growth, the arts need to be an active part of it. New Britain is slowly becoming a true arts destination. People from outside the City are coming here to events every day.

Residents need to also support our arts. Often, some of these great events take place with little attendance. That is hard to understand in a City with over 70,000 people living in it.

Forget going to the movies, watch an event live. Nothing compares to that.

There is no excuse not to find something to attend as the list of events happening are in constant motion. On the New Britain City Journal Leisure page, we print a number of art events occurring in the City each week.

If you have not read them or taken part in one, now is your chance. I’m sure there is at least one that will spark your interest.

And you will not only find pleasure in doing it. You will be supporting a positive future for New Britain.

Celebrate our arts and take an active role in helping New Britain shine brightly once again.



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